Choi Dong-suk, announcer of KBS 'News 9', said, "I reflect on the controversy over family travel.

Choi Dong-seok, a 42-year-old news anchor at KBS 9 o'clock, said he would "reflect and be careful" when the controversy erupted after he went on a family trip despite an ongoing social distance-keeping campaign to overcome the new coronavirus infection.

On the free bulletin board of the viewers' consultation room on its website on Wednesday, KBS reported that announcer Choi accepted the viewer's comments and expressed his intention to reflect on and be careful about inappropriate behavior.

"We have warned announcer Choi to behave appropriately as announcer of the public broadcaster," he said. "We will make sure that all members of the public broadcaster will actively participate in overcoming the Korona crisis with all their duties as public broadcasters."

The controversy over Choi's trip erupted when former KBS announcer Park Ji-yoon, 41, posted on his personal social networking account that he had been on a family trip over the weekend.

While some pointed out that the trip was inappropriate 오피추천 amid the high-intensity social distance campaign, Park explained, "I didn't travel to tourist attractions, I was with my family in a private condo."

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