Amid reports of the inflow of new coronavirus (Korona 19) into foreign countries, concerns are growing over the spread of the local community as some inbound travelers have failed to keep their own prices. The government plans to apply the principle of zero tolerance to self-price interest rates and force foreigners to leave the country. "Fro… Read More

It was estimated that satellite parties for proportional representation of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea and the Future United Party would draw with 16 seats each, reflecting the results of the recent polls in the April 15 general elections. The Yonhap News Agency calculated the expected number 부산달리기 of seats for each par… Read More

Choi Dong-seok, a 42-year-old news anchor at KBS 9 o'clock, said he would "reflect and be careful" when the controversy erupted after he went on a family trip despite an ongoing social distance-keeping campaign to overcome the new coronavirus infection. On the free bulletin board of the viewers' consultation room on its website on Wednesday, KBS… Read More